Sick Sideways offers an array of Motorsports related services from street to track.  Services include, but not limited to:

  • Race Car Preparation & Full Builds & Upgrades
  • Street Car Performance Upgrades & BuildsBackground
  • Roll Cage Design and Fabrication
  • Trackside Support
  • Race Car Transportation
  • Car Setup Services
  • Driver Coaching
  • Marketing Services
  • Private Track/Driving Events
  • Data System Integration and Analysis
  • Dyno Tuning

The fast track to racing… We believe racing is one of the most rewarding activities one can participate in, however; racing has many impeding aspects that can take away from one’s experience and ability to learn effectively. Our goal is to take the hassle out for our clients so that they can give the focus necessary to learn from our coaches while making it the most enjoyable experience possible. By renting a professionally prepared race car you also save enormous amounts of time & money. You don’t have to own a race car, or the shop, tools, and mechanic to work on it, a trailer to transport it, a truck to tow the trailer, or a place to store it all. All of which constitutes time, money, and hassles. We also provide the knowledgeable crew that is necessary to service a racecar during an event, hospitality, in-car footage as a learning tool and keep sake, and the costly suits, helmets, and safety equipment required if clients don’t provide their own. With Sick Sideways you literally Arrive and Drive.

Sick Sideways can also provide professionally run track-day events. Whether a fun experience for a private group of enthusiasts to a corporate style event, SS can create a fun, safe and enjoyable event to fit your needs.

Trackside support for your existing racing program is also offered by Sick Sideways. From full crew and hospitality setups to professional data analysis and transportation, Sick Sideways can provide it all.


Please contact us with your motorsports needs.